Emergency Management Certificate

(Available via Distance Education or Hybrid/On-Campus)


Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lucy Wilson
Graduate Program Coordinator: Renee Decker

Downloadable PDF Course Plan: Certificate – Emergency Management.2023

UMBC offers the option for baccalaureate degree holders to take a limited number of graduate courses in a narrowly defined area of special interest in order to expand their educational preparation, and, in some cases, to prepare the student for professional certification examinations. The department offers a Graduate Certificate Program in the field of emergency management. It is intended to help current and aspiring emergency managers to develop graduate-level analytical, planning, and leadership skills in the increasingly important field of all-hazards emergency management, with a series of courses that are also designed to provide the educational material needed to qualify students for the certification exam of the International Association of Emergency Managers.

This certificate program can be taken as a stand-alone course program, or as part of the student’s MS degree in Emergency and Disaster Health Systems or as part of the EDHS specialization within the Public Policy Ph.D. degree. Prospective students who wish to take the certificate program only should apply via online application [click here].

Core Required Courses:

  • EDHS 634: Disaster Mitigation [3]
  • EDHS 636: Disaster Response [3]
  • EDHS 637: Disaster Recovery [3]
  • EDHS 638: Disaster Preparedness [3]
  • One additional approved Elective [3] (See below)

Recommended Electives

  • EDHS 623: Public Health Emergency Preparedness [3]
  • EDHS 632: Disaster Health Services [3]
  • EDHS 639: International Disaster Management [3]
  • CYBR 650: Managing Cyber Operations [3]
  • CYBR 658: Risk Analysis and Compliance [3]
  • Other discipline-appropriate electives approved by EDHS Department [3]

Total Graduate Certificate Credits Required: [15]

Collaboration between the Department of Emergency and Health Systems (EDHS) and the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Cybersecurity Program (CYBR)

In addition to Emergency and Disaster Health Systems (EDHS) elective course options, the EDHS Graduate program in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Cybersecurity Program (CYBR), will allow students to use core Cybersecurity MPS courses to fulfill the additional elective course requirement for the EDHS Emergency Management Post-Baccalaureate Certificate to increase flexibility to best meet our students’ needs.

CYBR Master’s degree students wishing to pursue the Emergency Management Certificate will complete the 4-core course EDHS sequence (EDHS 634, 636, 637, 638) and use either CYBR 650 (Managing Cyber Operations) or CYBR 658 (Risk Analysis and Compliance) as their fifth required EDHS certificate course.

For EDHS Master’s degree students wishing to obtain exposure to cybersecurity via a CYBR certificate, the 4 CYBR courses below will satisfy the elective requirements within their EDHS Masters’ Degree and allow the students to complete a concurrent CYBR Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.

  • CYBR 620: Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • CYBR 650: Managing Cybersecurity Operations
  • CYBR 658: Risk Analysis and Compliance
  • One Additional Cybersecurity/EDHS Certificate Course Elective

Office of Professional Programs Website : Cybersecurity 

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For more information on the graduate certificate contact:

Graduate Program Coordinator: Renee Decker,

Graduate Program Director: Dr. Lucy Wilson

Downloadable PDF: Certificate – Emergency Management.2023

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