Program Application

The application period is now CLOSED.

Please refer to the sections below for more information.

Download these three documents:

Please be sure to open the application in an Adobe product and not an internet browser. Also, please be sure to read through the entire packet before completing it.

Application Information

EDHS paramedic concentration majors MUST submit a formal application to the paramedic track preceding the first semester that the student is eligible to take paramedic clinical courses. All second-year EDHS students in the paramedic track will receive an email with the application attached or download it below. 

We encourage individuals interested in the paramedic program to contact the Paramedic Program Director to discuss their eligibility for admission into the program. In addition, we encourage them to download and review the application as it contains much information regarding the program’s requirements. 

This year, the deadline for submitting the completed application is March 1, 2024. 

In addition to the application, the packet must also  be accompanied by the following:
  • Documentation of any EMS/fire experience
  • Copies of all fire and EMS certifications, including a current CPR (BCLS) certification and any instructorships
  • EMT call volume verification
  • A personal statement
  • A reference list to include four individuals who can attest to their character and professional abilities
  • A statement identifying any incomplete prerequisites and how applicants will achieve them by the first day of class
  • Official transcripts from all college or university programs
    • An unofficial transcript from myUMBC is acceptable from current UMBC students.
    • A current and cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for application into the program.
  • Verification of a background investigation and drug screening.
    • The program reserves the right to require drug screening before or at any point in the program.

A selection committee will review the application package, including the academic record. We base the final selection of students for admittance into the program on their interviews, their ability to complete any remaining credit hours of EDHS paramedic concentration lower-division requirements before the beginning of the first semester of paramedic clinical courses, and the student’s previous emergency care experiences. 

We will invite applicants meeting the eligibility requirements to attend the virtual interview on April 6, 2024. Applicants who are not eligible will receive a notification via email. All applications and materials submitted will become the property of UMBC, and the return of these materials will not occur. There are no refunds for background and drug screenings.

***Applicants with a misdemeanor or felony convictions should contact the program director before applying.