What is required to complete an application packet?

In addition to being in the process of or having already completed the prerequisite coursework, candidates must also:

  • Complete a Paramedic Program application, which includes:
    • Personal and academic information
    • Official college transcripts that are sent directly to the EHS Department
    • A copy of a valid Maryland EMT certification or valid EMT certification from another state (NREMT and provisional are not accepted)
    • A copy of a current CPR certification
    • Four references, as requested by the program
    • A background check (paid for by the candidate)
    • A drug screen (paid for by the candidate)
    • A personal statement
    • A plan to complete any missing requirements prior to the start of classes in August
  • Provide documentation of 100 patient contacts as a certified EMT
  • Possess current grade point average of 2.5
  • Complete the interview and testing process, which is often in mid-April, and involves:
    • Interviews with five pairs of interviewers, who are a mixture of current students and alumni.
      • Each panel will pose several prewritten questions or scenarios and note the answers provided by the candidate.
    • Candidates will also be required to take an EMT and a mathematics exam.